121102 U-KISS @ South America Tour – K-POP Festival in Lima, Peru

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U-KISS concludes a successful concert in Peru + plans for a 5 country South American tour

  U-KISS recently found themselves welcomed by the exuberant fans of Peru as they held their solo concert in Lima on November 1st. The group visited Peru for 2 days and three nights and met with the press and fans there in addition to holding their solo concert at the Estadio Monumental in front of 7,000 […]

121102 U-KISS Performance in Lima,Peru

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U-Kiss’ Dong Ho displays some superb acting on Don’t Cry Mommy

  U-Kiss’ Dong Ho is receiving considerable attention by appearing on the movie Don’t Cry Mommy as a two-faced boy. The movie, which will be released on November 22, is about a mom, who loses her only daughter and tries to get revenge on her high school aggressors. Dong Ho played the role of a handsome and innocent […]

121031 U-KISS Press Conference in Peru

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121101 U-KISS @ “Dos sapos Una reina”

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[SPONSOR] 121101 Hoon and Kevin for MACBETH Footwear Korea

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