U-Kiss’ Dong Ho displays some superb acting on Don’t Cry Mommy


U-Kiss’ Dong Ho is receiving considerable attention by appearing on the movie Don’t Cry Mommy as a two-faced boy.

The movie, which will be released on November 22, is about a mom, who loses her only daughter and tries to get revenge on her high school aggressors.

Dong Ho played the role of a handsome and innocent looking boy named Jo Han, who actually hides his dark side. He puts a high school girl named Eun Ah into a corner without feeling guilty.

Dong Ho, who has appeared in several TV series, did a great job performing the dark and mysterious character for the movie.

Director Kim Yong Han says, “I think it was a difficult choice for him to appear on the movie as an idol star. I want to thank him for his bravery.”

Dong Ho, who performed the double-faced character with his emotional eyes, is expected to become a better actor, and has great potential for growth.


Cr: Source + en.korea.com + misakw @ wordpress


2 comments on “U-Kiss’ Dong Ho displays some superb acting on Don’t Cry Mommy

  1. i not understand what you talk.i’m is from malaysia.

  2. erm….can you talk in english language.i don’t know in korean language

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