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121019 Mail magazine’s message from Hoon

☆☆☆Hoon’s message☆☆☆

Are you all doing well?

I’m Hoon, the #1 in fighting strength within U-KISS.

It’s been decided that we will give our costumes as presents at the fanclub event.
It’s the costumes we wore during our TOUR so it might smell of sweat but
since we’re giving it as a present to you, we’ll send it off for cleaning!

Now, we, U-KISS are doing activities in Korea but we want to meet
everyone in Japan soon so, we’re studying Japanese everyday.
The next time we meet each other, we’ll be fluent~

We’re going to Japan in November so please all look forward to it and wait for u~s
Well then please be sure to come to the fanclub event.
We’re waiting for yo~u

I’ll protect everyone, that’s it and this was Hoon!

Cr:  avexnet.or.jp  Trans by: @UKISS_JapanENG  Via misakw @ wordrpes


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