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[TRANS] 121013 ukisskorea’s tweets

잠시후 3:40분부터 SBS인기가요가 방송됩니다!지난주 사녹때 케빈♥ 본방사수 꼭 해주세요~^^ pic.twitter.com/DEx3QBTw

[TRANS] Here’s Kevin at last week’s recording for today’s SBS Inkigayo! ♥pic.twitter.com/L2VjPZuR

오늘 인기가요 본방사수 하면! 요로코롬 멋진 리더신을 만날 수 있다는 사~실♥ pic.twitter.com/pu4UwHjf

[TRANS] You’ll see our suave leader Soohyun if you watch SBS Inkigayo ♥pic.twitter.com/oAEdmMtq

키스미!잠시후 인기가요에서 만나요! -기섭 pic.twitter.com/M0GBoKY4

[TRANS] KISSmes! Lets meet on Inkigayo! -Kiseop pic.twitter.com/rKBRvhKa

^0^ 이따가 인기가요 볼거죠!?본방사수해요!ㅎㅎㅎ pic.twitter.com/nOMTTYk0

[TRANS]  ^0^ Everyone tuned in to Inkigayo right!? It’s a must to watch! Hehehe pic.twitter.com/DADLMKC2

인기가요 본방사수하는 당신~훈훈하다:) pic.twitter.com/YfHmKzRV

[TRANS] Hoon’ll give his thumbs up to whoever tuned in to Inkigayo~:)pic.twitter.com/YsVBdHuY

동호는 병원에서 안정을 취하면서 계속 치료받고 있어요!점점 좋아지고 있으니 너무 걱정마세요^^키스미 여러분 걱정해주시고 응원해주셔서 감사합니다^^pic.twitter.com/jlJYhHoS

[TRANS] Dongho is receiving treatment well at the hospital!He’s recovering so don’t worry^^Thank you KISSmes for your concern^^pic.twitter.com/ID5VeSRk


Cr: Trans by: @UKISS_intl  via: misakw @ wordpress


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