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[TRANS] 121009 Hoon,Kiseop and Kevin’s tweets

화정누나의 파워타임!!라디오 끝나구!!! 대형헤드폰으루 음악감상!•﹏• 힣pic.twitter.com/neothjg2

[TRANS] Hwajung nuna’s Power Time!!After the radio!!! Listening to music with big headphones!•﹏• hee pic.twitter.com/Iz7e9zDH

I Love radio~~>_____< 헤드폰은 이정돈 되야지!!ㅋㅋhttp://twitpic.com/b2gs09

[TRANS]  I Love radio~~>_____< Headphones should be this big!!ㅋㅋ http://twitpic.com/b2gs09

최화정 누나의 파워타임 놀러왔어요! 끝나고 작가누나한테 책 선물 받아써염~~^^ 제목은 남녀심리 백서!!! 굳~~ 재밌겠당!!! 가을인데 책 좀 봐야지~~ 화이팅! 대박~pic.twitter.com/fBnBbDbM

[TRANS] Came over to Choi Hwajun nuna’s Powertime! After we got a book present from writer nuna~~^^ Title is male and female psychology!!! Good~~ Seems fun!!! It’s Fall so I should see some books~~ Fighting! Daebak~ pic.twitter.com/fBnBbDbM


Cr: Trans by: @ukisskorea_eng Via: misakw @ wordpress


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