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[TRANS] 120929 ukisskorea ans Kevin’s tweets

MBC음악중심 본방사수 하셨나요?! 유키스도 옹기종기 모여 앉아 본방사수 했습니다! 본방사수 인증샷>_<

[TRANS] Did KISSmes watch MBC Music Core?! U-KISS watched it together! Here’s a photo for proof>_<

여러분 메리추석;) 가족과 함께하는 즐거운 추석 보내세요~^^ (+)케빈,기섭,훈 pic.twitter.com/U7zT61Pf

[TRANS] Merry Chuseok everyone;) Have a great holiday with your family~^^ (+)Kevin, Kiseop, Hoonpic.twitter.com/H9e7Oivt

메리추석!^^v (+)수현 pic.twitter.com/zJzHWRIW

[TRANS]  Merry Chuseok!^^v (+)Soohyunpic.twitter.com/NJtyhtFL

@Kevinwoo91 thanks @ryanjhun for stopping by today! 우리 라이언형 귀엽죠?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 방송국에 놀러와쪄요 ^^ follow my man guys~pic.twitter.com/WWguAWgg

[TRANS]    @Kevinwoo91 thanks @ryanjhun for stopping by today! Isn’t our Ryan hyung cute?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He visited ^^ follow my man guys~pic.twitter.com/wd62epd6


Cr: Trans by: @UKISS_intl  + @ukisskorea_eng  Via:  misakw @ wordpress


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