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[TRANS] 120926 ukisskorea’s tweets

맛있는 점심 드셨나요! 식후엔 간단한 티타임을..음~d(^_^o) ㅎㅎㅎ 뮤비촬영장에서 따뜻한 아메리카노와 함께 티타임 중인 수현!

[TRANS] Did everyone have a good lunch? Here’s a pic of Soohyun enjoying a warm Americano at the MV shooting site! pic.twitter.com/wOd5LknD

오늘은 동호사진 리퀘스트가 굉장히 많았기에~요즘 키스미들이 부쩍 남자다워졌단 이야기를 많이 하고 있는 동호!사진은 자켓촬영 도촬버전ㅎㅎ pic.twitter.com/mGvRe7ZT

[TRANS] There’s been a lot of requests for Dongho’s photos today~ Here’s a photo of him at the album jacket photoshoot! Hehepic.twitter.com/o6QLVjPa

미니7집 구매하신 분들은 아시겠지만..AJ의 땡스투도 실려 있어요!요즘 AJ는 공부하느라 엄청 바쁘게 지내고 있다고 하네요^^ AJ(@JaeseopKim91AJ ) 화이팅! pic.twitter.com/09AdPYL6

[TRANS]  Those who have bought the 7th mini album, you’d know this but AJ’s Thanks to is included in the album too! He says he’s been really busy from studying ^^ All the best AJ(@JaeseopKim91AJ )! pic.twitter.com/09AdPYL6

본인보다 키가 작은 헤어메이크업 선생님들에 대한 배려! 쩍벌남 기섭이( ^ ^ )/ pic.twitter.com/e4Nt4o9z
[TRANS] Here’s Kiseop showing some consideration to the makeup artistes who are shorter than him ( ^ ^ )/ pic.twitter.com/pJPYaYDj


Cr: Trans by: @UKISS_intl  +  misakw @ wordpress


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