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[TRANS] 120923 ukisskorea’s tweets

SBS 인기가요 U-KISS “Stop Girl” 본방사수!^^ 훈♥ pic.twitter.com/hAJQyVdy

[TRANS] SBS Inkigayo U-KISS “Stop Girl” Hoon pic.twitter.com/k3RVwF9T

키스미~ 인기가요 본방사수하구 있죠~?기서비가 보고 있다+_+ pic.twitter.com/5pJqedfR

[TRANS] KISSmes~ Did you watch Inkigayo just now? Kiseop’s watching you +_+ pic.twitter.com/C5BQRRd1

인기가요 생방송 현장에서만 볼 수 있었던 케빈&동호의 커플댄스♪ 요런게 바로 현장참여의 묘미 아니겠어요~?(≧∇≦)오늘 현장참여&본방사수해준 키스미 고마와요~담주에 또 만나요~♥ pic.twitter.com/WrYs2yGB

[TRANS] Kevin and Dongho’s couple dance! Only seen at Inkigayo♪ Aren’t they charming~?(≧∇≦)Thank you KISSmes for supporting us~ See you next week~♥


Cr: Trans by: @UKISS_intl  +  misakw @ wordpress


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