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U-KISS’s Budokan Success & Korean Comeback: D-13

U-KISS has recently held a successful concert at the Budokan with over 10,000 audience members.

From the beginning of August U-KISS has constantly been touring around Japan, without break, and on the 5th they held their Budokan concert. The concert spanned for three hours, with U-KISS performing their hit songs, special stages and events; igniting the passionate cheers of their Japanese fans. Member AJ, who is currently taking an academic break, surprised fans by having prepared a special video for the event. Over 200 journalists fought to cover U-KISS’s magnificent concert.

On the same day, U-KISS also released their fourth single “One of You”. They were up against popular groups such as Johnny’s Kanjani8, EXILE, but managed to rank No.3 on the daily charts, once again showing their popularity in Japan.

After two busy months in Japan, U-KISS is scheduled to restart their domestic activities on September 20 with the release of ‘Stop Girl’.


Cr: Source + ROCKETBOXX.NET + fuckyeahukiss @ tumblr + misakw @ wordpress


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