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[TRANS] 120902 ukisskorea,UKISS_Japan and AJ’s tweets

나른한 일요일 오후!이제 여름은 저멀리~떠난 듯 하네요^^나른한 오후를 보내고 있는 여러분의 리퀘스트에 힘입어 사진첩잠금을~밀어서 해!제!;) +지난주 에이네이션무대후 일라이!알고보면 애교도 많은 귀요미♪pic.twitter.com/dbpNx9P8

[TRANS] It’s a drowsy Sunday afternoon! Summer is slowly leaving^^ Owing to the requests, unreleased photos are now uploaded! Here’s Eli after last week’s A-nation performance! He’s got lots of aegyo if you get to know him♪ http://pic.twitter.com/dbpNx9P8

사진첩을 밀어서 해제! +동호는 엽기사진찍는 취미가 있어요.찍고 보면 늘 웃긴사진이ㅋㅋ하지만 오늘은 동호를 지켜주기 위해..피곤하지만 기분업업♪버전으로 올려드려요~동호는 소중하니까요ㅎㅎ:ppic.twitter.com/XghFCdLU

[TRANS]  More unreleased photos! Dongho’s hobby is photography and seems like he’s always smiling in photos keke pic.twitter.com/rJtlKQiW

사진첩을 밀어서 해제! +숨길 수 없는 개그본능 대방출로 언제나 스텝들을 즐겁게 해주는 훈:) 최근엔 래퍼본능에 눈을 떠가는 중이라는 목격담이..그런 훈이의 랩실력은..? 다음기회에ㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/Ojv3WCT1

[TRANS]   More unreleased photos! The one who has an overwhelmingly good sense of humour, always having fun with the staff – Hoon! They say he’s good at rapping too.. We’ll find out next time! kekekehttp://pic.twitter.com/Ojv3WCT1

사진첩을 밀어서 해제! +조용조용한 성격이지만 개구쟁이 모습도 있는 에이제이! 바뀐 헤어스타일 덕분에 만화 캐릭터 같아졌어요~누궁 닮았을까요?쿠~우~?아톰?ㅎㅎㅎpic.twitter.com/8tNkWcAi

[TRANS]   More unreleased photos! A mischievous side to the quiet personality of AJ! Looking like an anime character after a change of hairstyle~ Who does he look like? hehehe http://pic.twitter.com/8tNkWcAi

잠금해제 마지막!이제 남은게 새앨범 뮤비촬영장이라 아직은 비~밀♪공개는 쵸큼만 기다려주세용~^^마지막으로 에이네이션뮤직위크 공연때 유키스 올려드리면서~이제 안뇽~유키스 미니7집 기대 많이해주세요!!pic.twitter.com/rrU5rhYr

[TRANS]   The last of unreleased photos! The remaining are from the new album’s MV, so it’s still a secret♪Please wait a little more for its release~^^ Ending with U-KISS at a-nation’s Music Week performance~ That’s all~ Please await the 7th mini album of U-KISS!! http://pic.twitter.com/rrU5rhYr

全世界のスヒョンファンの皆さん、大変お待たせしました!!昨日カメラの性能に頼りきった撮影をおこなった結果、最高の写真が撮れました!! 写真を見る前に、事前に鼻にティッシュ突っ込んでおいてください!!!pic.twitter.com/RVQdb6aq

[TRANS]  To all of the Soohyun fans worldwide, sorry for making you wait this long!! This is result of the photo I took after depending on the performance of my camera, it took the best picture ever!! Before you look at this photo, please shove some tissues up your nose in advance!!!! http://t.co/RVQdb6aq

改めまして、ケビンです! ちょっと違う写真ですが、やはり、かっこいいです! pic.twitter.com/2r2iNcOj

[TRANS]   Corrected, it’s Kevin! It’s a little bit of a different photo but, still, he’s cool! pic.twitter.com/Vm1qgEOd

続きまして、カリスマイライさん~~ pic.twitter.com/9kZLO1bc

[TRANS]   Next, Charisma Eli~~ pic.twitter.com/yEiJi1x5


[TRANS]   The debut of the coolest guy of the century, Don-don Dongho~~ pic.twitter.com/eyjxqMrt

超coooooooolなフンさんです! スヒョンさんが若干見切れてますが、この写真がスヒョンさんの1枚としてカウントされるわけではありませんので、ご安心ください。。。pic.twitter.com/Gu7bN024

[TRANS]   Super cooooooool Hoon! You can see a bit of Soohyun but, I can’t count this as a photo for Soohyun so, please feel at ease… http://t.co/Gu7bN024

キソプさん!安定感あり!前髪がいい感じ。 pic.twitter.com/exgvvwNK

[TRANS]  Kiseop! He has a sense of stability! His fringe is looking good. pic.twitter.com/peq3eKiZ


[TRANS]   And lastly is, Leader! Soohyun! This time at States of Odaiba, many cool photos of Soohyun were taken! I’m thankful that he was the photographic subject http://t.co/LqJe26N1


[TRANS]  I’m receiving inquiries from all over the place, this is a photo of U-KISS Don-don Dongho as the center and, the inquiries keep increasing and increasing, since everyone is irritated, today is a profile view, here you go… Let’s not forget about Kiseop that’s being reflected in the mirror… http://t.co/2gqXrVCi

@ukissSH나도 형! bokumo!! pic.twitter.com/v4TZhMLz

[TRANS]  @ukissSH Me to hyung! bokumo!!pic.twitter.com/azsYzCjI

* (refer to this)


Cr: Trans by: UKISS_Intl + @UKISS_JapanENG  + @ukisskorea_eng   + misakw @ wordpress


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