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[INTERVIEW] 【Special Serial Vol.2】U-KISS reveal their true colours! The unseen side of their cohabitation that we’re all curious about is now out for all to see!!

Original interview by Hanryu TVfan (August 29 2012)
Translation by ukissjpeng

In Japan, all of the members live together in U-KISS. They’re together in their work lives and in their private lives, and that’s why they know, what are the surprising aspects of each member? From the unseen side of their cohabitation to the true colours of every member, we’re publishing this honest talk in one shot!

Right now, their cohabitation worry is “laundry”

Q. I’ve heard that all the members live together in a dorm so, what are the room assignments?

Soohyun: Kevin and Kiseop are in the same room, Hoon and AJ were together but, right now AJ isn’t here so he’s managing on his own. Myself, Dongho and Eli are in a room together.

Eli: (Showing off) We have the biggest bedroom!

Dongho: The room is bit, and there’s no problem sleeping because it’s a bunk bed but, when we receive presents and unload our luggage, we can’t really move around (strained laugh).

Q. Who’s in charge of the housework?

Soohyun: We basically all do it. Eli is great at cooking but, we’re all busy right now so he doesn’t have time to do it.

Kiseop: We wash our own dishes by ourselves, for laundry, if someone starts the laundry machine, everyone puts their clothes in, then we all dry them together. On cleaning day, everyone cleans together. That’s why there’s no complaints at all.

Eli: When we borrow each other’s clothes, we make sure that we say so before wearing it, we also have our own face wash tools in their respective boxes, when we borrow something, we ask before using it.

Dongho: It’s not that we’re on bad terms, it’s just because we want our things to be done in a proper way.

Kiseop: That’s why, we’ve not even once had a conflict until now. In the same way that we’ve never had a fist fight. That’s strange too.

Q. What’s something troublesome about cohabitation?

Eli: Lately, the washing machine at the dorm is weird and, dust randomly gets stuck onto our clothes.

Dongho: It’s summer. In our dorm, if you include the managers, we’re 9 people living in there so, if we all change our tops and bottoms once, it’ll be 18 pieces of clothes in total. Moreover, the washing machine isn’t that big and you can only put 1 load in and on top of that, that washing machine doesn’t listen to what you say so, all reason is lost.

Eli: (while nodding) We can’t just hand wash everything either….

Dongho: If we put our underwear in the laundry basket too, it’s supposed to come back to you one or two days later, right? But, it comes back after 2 weeks. It’s like that so, we’re like, “How in the world are we supposed to manage this”. There’s dust that gets stuck on our clothes so it’s to the point that we wash them many times, and then it comes back to you two weeks later and you’re like, “When exactly did I put this in the laundry?” because you’ve totally forgotten about it.

Eli: It’s like, “I thought this got thrown away or something” (laughs).

Kiseop: For the time being, we’re putting up with it but, I think that we should buy a washing machine when we earn some money (laughs).

Dongho: When the money comes in, let’s buy one… (everyone laughs).

Soohyun dances while he sleeps!?

Q. Since you all live together, is there something that makes you think, “I just want you to fix this”?

Kevin: I want everyone to go to sleep early at night… Kiseop and I go to sleep earlier but, the other members stay up until late at night and they’re quite noisy (strained laugh).

Soohyun: We’re practicing.

Kevin: But, singing at night is a bit….

Soohyun: Our abilities are still not good enough, so practicing is necessary (sarcastic laugh)!

Q. Which member tosses and turns in their sleep?

Hoon: Soohyun hyung, even if he’s sleeping, he’ll suddenly shift around and get up, move around, go back to sleep in that place… It’s really weird. He walks around while sleeping. And then when he wakes up, he won’t remember at all and he’ll say, “Why am I here?” (laughs).

Soohyun: Apparently when I’m tired, I dance in my sleep. (Hoon is beside Soohyun and imitating his night dance) Even when we’re in the cart of a moving bullet train, I still do it (sarcastic laugh).

Q. Who is the worst at waking up in the morning?

Dongho: (Replies quickly) It’s me.

Kevin: Dongho is late, Hoon hyung is early!

Eli: In our room, if we have to leave at 8AM, we wake up at 7:55AM. The three of us are late.

Soohyun: Even if you wake me up, I won’t get up (laughs).

Dongho: Probably, I think that the managers put the three of us in the same room so that it’s easy to wake us up at the same time (laughs). We really can’t wake up early. Even if the members in the other rooms are awake and are all getting ready, we’re still sleeping.

Soohyun: If you wake Hoon up, he’ll wake up properly right away, Kevin and Kiseop have to be woken up about 2 times.

Kevin: It’s the same thing everyday! Why is it always the same thing every single time~!

Soohyun: When I wake up, Hoon is already totally done getting ready, and is dozing off a bit.

Q. In what order do you take a shower?

Kevin: After Hoon hyung, Kiseop takes a shower. I sleep in a little bit so, the manager comes to wake me up, it’s the 3rd time for me to get up. I’ll shower, then Eli will come and shower after me, the last one to shower is Soohyun hyung.

Soohyun: Dongho doesn’t take a shower (laughs).

Kevin: Even after we’re all ready, Dongho is still sleeping.

Soohyun: I sleep a lot too but… That’s because, I’m an old person (sarcastic laugh).

Kevin: Then Dongho is an old person too (laughs).

The number one glutton is Eli

Q. Well then, who takes the most time to get ready when going out?

Dongho: It’s Kevin hyung. In the morning, his showers take 30 minutes. He doesn’t get out of there at all. I wash everything from my head to my body and, that still doesn’t take one minute (laughs). I don’t know what Kevin hyung is doing but, for the first 10 minutes, he only opened the faucet, all he’s doing nothing but being sprayed by the shower’s hot water. In the morning we only have one bathroom so, even though he has to get ready more quickly, he still doesn’t get out of the shower even after 30 minutes since he started, we can’t do anything about that either. That’s why, I’m sleeping (laughs).

Eli: While he’s showering, we all go in the bathroom and yell, “GET OUT!”.

Dongho: But, if he goes over his 30 minute showers, he’s going to come back as an angel (laughs).

Q. Who is the biggest glutton within the members?

Kevin: Eli… Also, Soohyun hyung too.

Soohyun: Eli eats a lot quickly, I eat anything and everything I can get my hands on.

Dongho: He eats a lot in a serious manner.

Eli: For me, if there’s something there, I’ll eat it. Moreover, I eat really fast. In a minute, I’ll eat a whole bowl of rice. But, for Kevin just to finish one meal, it takes him one hour and a half. If we eat outside, we have to stay together until we’re both finished eating, right. Then, even when I’m done, I’m still eating, I order extra food and eat more. That’s why, it seems like the image of a glutton is stuck onto me.

Dongho: The members often have mutual meetings in the living room and, everyone is sitting on the sofa. Even during those times, Eli hyung is the only one that’s eating something (everyone laughs). It’s at the point that we’re like does he have to be eating that much.

Kiseop: What’s amazing about Eli is, just 10 minutes before a live broadcast, he eats through a whole meal. Because he eats quickly.

Eli: I’ve been living up until now, and there’s never been a moment that my stomach was sagging. I think that my metabolism is really quickly.



Cr: Source: Hanryu TVfan  Trans by: ukissjpeng Via: misakw  wordpress


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