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【Special Serial・Extra Volume】From U-KISS members to members “Thank you” & “I’m sorry”

Original article by Hanryu TVfan
Translation by ukissjpeng

We’ve delivered all of U-KISS’ interviews to you in 3 parts. In the end, we’ll present this as an extra volume, this is from the members and to the members, we secretly asked them about the usual “Thank you“‘s and “I’m sorry“‘s that they can’t normally tell each other.

From Soohyun to Dongho

“Dongho! Ever since Dongho was just a child, you were doing activities as a singer so, you don’t have many friends, and you weren’t able to go to school that much either… I’m sure that you had studies that you wanted to do and such and, I’m sorry that I made you go through hardships with us because of U-KISS. Personally I get tired, and during the times that I have no feelings to spare, at times that I can’t properly sympathize with you on certain things, I’m sorry. As a U-KISS member, I’m really thankful, just for the fact that you’re here with us!”

From Dongho to Soohyun

“Soohyun hyung’s notebook (laptop) is too old, so it’s condition isn’t that good. About 10 minutes will pass before you can even get the internet started up. Even though you say that you’ll buy a new one when we go back to Korea, you say that “you have no money” and don’t go out and buy one. That’s why, when hyung plays games, you use my laptop, and often say, “Dongho. I want to play games so, can you lend me your laptop for a bit?”. But, every time, I want to say “no way”, I’m sorry (laughs). But, I lent it to you yesterday night!”

From Hoon to Kiseop

“I, tease Kiseop quite a lot (sarcastic laugh). Sometimes, I push him a bit. In concern to that point, I’m extremely sorry (laughs). But, Kiseop has fun along with me for that. For always accepting me, thank you (laughs). But, Kiseop always stays with me for that as well so, concerning that end result, thank you for always staying by my side!”

From Kiseop to Hoon

“Hoon, when I’m feeling down, when my physical condition is bad and I’m silent, he always notices before anyone else and calls out to me. That really made me happy. Thank you”

From Kevin to Eli

“Since we’re both originally from America, we speak in English often. He also understands how I feel… Since the both of us have an “American Mind”, and that there’s a person that I can speak to about those feelings, I’m really thankful. “I’m sorry” is… When Eli said that he wanted to watch a movie, I was sleepy and I couldn’t watch it, so I sulked. (Soohyun: “You’re such a baby (laughs)!”) I’m sorry that we couldn’t hang out together”

From Eli to Kevin

“The both of us, the fans call us “Elvin (Eli+Kevin) Couple”. We both came from America so, I usually meddle with Kevin but, Kevin never ever gets mad. I know that there’s times when I get tired and act unpleasant so, I’m sorry”


Cr: Source: Hanryu TVfan  Trans by: ukissjpeng Via: misakw  wordpress


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