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[TRANS] 120828 ukisskorea’s tweets

#Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ 항상 기다리게 해서 미안해요! 초심잃지 않는 유키스 될께용~ From.수현 pic.twitter.com/msT5u2cK

[TRANS]  #Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ Sorry to make you wait always! We will be a U-KISS that won’t forget the original intention~ From.Soohyun

#Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ 영원히 유키스와 함께… From.기섭 pic.twitter.com/QL5BMNj5

[TRANS] #Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ Forever together with U-KISS… From.Kiseop pic.twitter.com/omJhFr1t

#Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ 사랑해요 키스미~♥ From.일라이 pic.twitter.com/2TEBo0Nu

 [TRANS]   #Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ I love you kissme~♥ From.Eli pic.twitter.com/Sn1rDvzE

#Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ 4주년을 함께 하지는 못하지만 내 마음 다 알지? From.에이제이 pic.twitter.com/U8uxxMsj

[TRANS] #Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ I won’t be together the 4th year, but you know my heart? From.AJpic.twitter.com/FZX5hz3f

#Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ 앞으로도 우리 서로 사랑주고 받으면서 평생!! 함께해요~ From.훈 pic.twitter.com/kFymEAPg

[TRANS]   #Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ In the future too let’s give and receive each other love and forever!! be together~ From.Hoon http://t.co/kFymEAPg

Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ 사랑합니다~ 쭉 함께 합시다♥ From.케빈 pic.twitter.com/INuxhitr

 [TRANS] #Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ I love you~ Forever let’s be together ♥ From.Kevin pic.twitter.com/qO9aK8uG

#Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ 앞으로도 4000년동안 봐요~ 사랑해요♥ From.동호 pic.twitter.com/eIhDVtXh

[TRANS]   #Happy4thAnniversaryUKISS To.KISSme♥ From now let’s see each other for 400 years~ I love you♥ From.Donghopic.twitter.com/zTKUg88P


Cr: trans by: @ukisskorea_eng  via: misakw @ wordpress


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