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[TRANS] 120827 ukisskorea and UKISS_Japan’s tweets

오랜만에 모였으니 모여서 멋지게 단체샷~^^pic.twitter.com/4N0L6qRd

[TRANS]  It’s been a long time since, so it calls for a cool group shot~^^pic.twitter.com/T3EFXvOF


[TRANS]  And 10 seconds later.. hehehe(^O^☆♪pic.twitter.com/zdQUtK52

오랜만에 상봉한 알흠다운 형제이야기♪pic.twitter.com/f3BBe3Do

[TRANS]  The two brothers’ conversation upon reunion ♪pic.twitter.com/WbFK3n7Q

今日U-KISSは、武道館ライブの仕事でした〜〜 寝る前に、この人の筋肉を拝んでから寝ましょうzzz pic.twitter.com/Xm1GKTgb

[TRANS] Today, U-KISS did work for the Budokan live~~ Before bed,look at this person’s muscles then go sleep zzzpic.twitter.com/j0CMcdlt

Cr:  trans by: @UKISS_intl + @UKISS_JapanENG  via: misakw @ wordpress



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