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[INFO] “U-KISS Official Concert DVD & BOOK Vol.1”


Title: U-KISS Official Concert DVD&BOOK;Vol.1
Content: A4 book, DVD and tattoo sheet.
Price: 1680yen
Serial Code: ISBN 978-4-8002-0258-1

In commemoration of U-KISS’ first live in Budokan, they will be realeasing their first concert guide DVD magazine-book. The DVD will contain advice on how to enjoy the concert and how to dance along with the members, as well as some unseen interviews, a digest video of their Tokyo live from the Zepp Tour and an introduction to their music videos. The magazine-book will be full of never before seen photos, handwritten messages from the members and a sheet of tattoo(s) in the design of U-KISS’ logo.

※ At the moment, this item is not available on many sites for overseas fans. If you are a fan living OUTSIDE of Japan and wish to order asap, it is available only on HMV JAPAN → http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_U-KISS_000000000403050/item_U-kiss-Official-Concert-Dvd-Book-Vol-1_5157874


Source: u-kiss.jp Translation by: @UKISS_JapanENG  Via: misakw @ wordpress


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