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120817 Mail magazine’s message from Kiseop


Greetings to all the subscribers of U-KISS’ mail mag!

The country-wide tour has also finished, we’ve completed the first step but

We’ve been busy and working hard everyday with the preparations for the Budokan performance & the filming of the new song’s music video!!

Today we’ve decided the release events for the 9/5 single「One of You」.
Everyone please be sure to come and see us alright!

Furthermore, tomorrow we have a live radio broadcast at bayfm so please be sure to listen!



Today we received a message from member Kiseop.

☆☆☆Kiseop’s message☆☆☆

Hi I’m Kiseop the number one of everyone’s hearts.

We finally finished the PV filming.
And during that busyness, it was Hoon’s birthday, ^^
Tomorrow is the weekend, and we have a live radio broadcast so everyone
please listen to it.
Everyone, it’s hot so, please be careful.


Cr:  avexnet.or.jp | translation by: @UKISS_JapanENG | via misakw @ wordrpess



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