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[TRANS] 120806 ukisskorea’s tweets

수트가 잘어울리는 일곱남자♥어느새 동호도 수트가 어울리는 나이가..^^ 사진은 기사에서 보셨겠지만 에이네이션 오프닝세레머니 현장사진이예요:) pic.twitter.com/V5QhiUE8

[TRANS] 7 guys who looks good in suits♥Now even Dongho is at the age where he looks good in a suit..^^ Probably already saw the picture through the news but this is the scene of the A-nation opening ceremony:) pic.twitter.com/V5QhiUE8

당분간 만날 수 없어 아쉬운 남자!내년에 더 멋진 모습으로 돌아오길 기대해봅니다:) 화이팅 AJ☆ pic.twitter.com/Bbnb4oQM

[TRANS]  The man who we can’t see for the time being!Anticipate that he comes back more cooler 🙂 Fighting AJ☆pic.twitter.com/JADebnaO


Cr: @ukisskorea_eng  + misakw @ wordpress


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