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[TRANS] 120802 Dongho and ukisskorea’s tweets

교통법규 잘지키고 안전운전할께요^^ 응원해주신분들 너뮤 감사드립니다!^^ㅎ

[TRANS]  I’ll follow the traffic rules and drive safetly^^ Thank you for cheering me on everyone!^^ㅎ

서울하늘은 무지 맑음:)그리고 맑은하늘과 함께하는 따가운 햇살+더위!이렇게 더운 날엔 실외보단 실내활동이 좋다고 해요!무더위에 지친 그대들의 피로를 한방에 날려줄 케빈의더블V♥♥

[TRANS]  It’s a sunny day in Seoul 🙂 It’s warm and heaty too! Better to stay indoors, but venturing out into the sweltering heat is Kevin♥♥


Cr: @ukisskorea_eng  + @UKISS_intl +  misakw @ wordpress


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