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U-KISS Interview with Oricon Style『How to reconcile after a fight――Their honest talk that’ll make your heart skip a beat is a must-read!』

Translation by ukissjpeng @ tumblr
Original article by Oricon Style
“Dear My Friend” photos can be seen at Oricon Style’s gallery

U-KISS released a fresh summer number with the theme of friendship. Conversations about their new song to the members’ bonds between each other, how to reconcile after a fight and such, if you’re a fan, your heart is sure to skip a beat with the honest talk from Soohyun, Kevin, Eli and Hoon!

The moment that you feel U-KISS’ bond……

―― The new song「Dear My Friend」is a summery and fresh pop tune, right.
【Kevin】 Up until now, U-KISS has had a lot of strong songs and performances but this time we have a bright and cheerful image and, when we sing it we have a really nice feeling.
【Eli】 As a whole it’s a really gentle song, right. That’s why, when singing or listening to it, you can enjoy it, and I think you’ll feel happy.
【Soohyun】 I particularly like the lyrics. Most of all, the phrase, “we’re connected by an irreplaceable bond (kakegaenonai kizuna de tsunagatteiru)”, reminds me of the fans, and the part at the end, “I said you’re not alone, Dear My Friend (hitori jyanaitte Dear My Friend)”, is like when I feel the strong family-like bond between us.

―― The song has the theme of friendship but, after all, it’s your fans come to mind?
【Soohyun】 That’s what I think. Even during the concerts, when we sing this song, everyone is smiling, we dance together and become one.
【Hoon】 The distance between us and the fans is shortening. It’s a song with which we become closer and closer with each other.
【Kevin】 To me it’s not only the fans, but it feels that I’m singing about U-KISS’ friendship and I think that this is our song. Especially in these parts in the hook, “Wherever You Are anywhere (wherever you are dokodemo)” and “Don’t just forget me somewhere in your heart (kokoro no dokoka ni wasurenaide)” are nice. I felt that it was about us.

―― In regards to the members, when do you feel a bond just like the one written in the lyrics?
【Kevin】 Always!
【Hoon】 It’s when I’m not feeling well, and everyone tells me “Hoon, let’s do our best”. Just with that, I’ll feel better.

Sometimes they even fight…!? The way to reconcile is……

―― Do the members constantly look after each other?
【Hoon】 Of course!
【Eli】 Right now, I’m surely feeling the bond between the members. Within the 4 of us that are here right now, I’m the one who is worst in Japanese but, everyone helps me out so it’s reassuring (laughs).
【Soohyun】 Nah, Japanese makes me nervous too, you know (laughs). Also, if we speak about bonds, after all it’s about our lives. Of course we feel it when we’re on stage singing and dancing too but, even when we step off the stage to switch our costumes, we feel it even more. In those times, everyone drenched in sweat and feeling tired, right. But we talk to each other, let’s work harder! and encourage each other so that makes me feel that it’s great that the members are here for one another.
【Hoon】 To make sure that our bonds are improving, before we appear on stage, we always assemble up in a circle and scream out, “here we go!”.

―― We can see U-KISS’ closeness even during interviews but, don’t you fight sometimes?
【Soohyun】 Of course we do! Because everyone’s personality is totally different from another.
【Hoon】 We’re like siblings who fight right away even over small things (laughs). But most of the time, our leader Soohyun steps in to stop it.
【Soohyun】 Right, I listen to what both sides have to say then sort it out.
【Hoon】 Finally, Soohyun will decide, “○○’s way is no good”. When he does that, both sides will agree and can reconcile. Then, after that, you can say that they’re even more close than before.
【Soohyun】 Even if we fight, right after we’ll be laughing really loudly or saying jokes.

―― Fights between boys make you feel refreshed afterwards, don’t they.
【Hoon】 It’s because everyone converses really easily.
【Kevin】 Since we’re thoroughly aware of each other’s personalities, we can understand quickly too.

AJ gave this song to the fans

―― In the music video (MV) of this song, U-KISS’ true close relationship is shown as it is, that subject makes your heart skip a beat quite a lot.
【Soohyun】 That video has the song’s concept as it’s base, and our real selves were filmed.
【Hoon】 So, it’s filled with just rare scenes of our really natural selves, that we don’t show in front of the fans. In particular, I think that the part where Kevin and I crossed our arms together while lying down on the bed is a precious moment.
【Soohyun】 The offshots we had when we did a live in Colombia are quite precious. It seems like U-KISS was the first K-POP artist to do a live in Colombia, the local staff were welcoming and it was really fun.
【Eli】 I like the Colombia footage too. I’m also pleased with the shots we did in the recording studio.
【Hoon】 During the recording, we also took photos of everyone making poses.
【Soohyun】 Everyone was playing around.

―― There’s many scenes where you’re all in high spirits. It feels like you’re all like children.
【Hoon】 Usually, we’re all like that. During performances we’re acting manly but, on our off time, we’re always noisy and like children. 【Soohyun】 Kevin is especially the most child-like and noisy (laughs). His laughter is the most high pitched too.
【Hoon】 He’s the one who makes the most racket. Isn’t his mental age about 7 years old?
【Kevin】 That’s way too low. At least 15 years old or・・・ around 10 years old? (laughs).

―― (laughs). This time’s coupling song is 「Beautiful」, which is also an upbeat and cheerful song.
【Soohyun】 This is a song that AJ wrote and wanted us to sing it as a way to confess to a girl. He said that it’s to express your feelings about falling in love with someone, with a pure heart.
【Hoon】 But I don’t have girlfriend now so, it was hard to imagine that…….
【Kevin】 Me too (laughs). But from the “Monday, Tuesday” phrase, is a detail about wanting to go on dates everyday, and I thought it was cute.
【Hoon】 That part is that the boyfriend asks the girlfriend what they should do on Monday, then that they should do that on Tuesday, it’s lyrics where he asks his girlfriend out everyday.

―― That can’t be. What if they say that they don’t want a boyfriend like that (laughs).
【Soohyun】 But if it’s AJ, he might be like that. Because his character is Sadist-like.
【Kevin】 That’s wrong (laughs). This is a song that AJ gave to the fans!
【Hoon】 That’s right. It’s a song about passionately telling a girl, “You are so beautiful” everyday.


The moment you think a girl is beautiful is……

―― By the way, in what moment do you all think that a girl is beautiful and such?
【Eli】 When she shows her little considerate side or kindness. Maybe a kind of girl with a good personality, and that her appearance is pretty too. On the other hand, I think that a girl who can’t greet others properly, and doesn’t have basic manners isn’t beautiful.
【Soohyun】 I don’t really like girls who act too prim either. During meals, a person who doesn’t pay too much attention to how they look and eats naturally is good.
【Hoon】 A girl that has charm is beautiful and cute. Also, I want to protect that girl so, I think a shorter girl would be better.
【Kevin】 There aren’t many girls that are bigger than Hoon, right (laughs). I like girls that will listen to what I have to say and are good listeners. Also I think that someone is beautiful when they don’t have two faces and you feel their pureness.

―― I’ll use this as a reference. Well then, the last thing is a message to our readers!
【Hoon】 When you have a fight with your friends, please listen to「Dear My Friend」and reconcile.
【Eli】 If you feel lonely, I want you to listen to this song and feel that we’re all by your side.
【Soohyun】 And also, after all it’s summer so when you go to the beach or such, listen to this song in the car. If you listen to this song with your friends with the windows down while feeling the breeze, it’ll be the best feeling ever!


Source: Oricon Style Translation by  ukissjpeng @ tumblr via misakw @ wordpress


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