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U-KISS gathers around 6500 people at Lazona in Kawasaki for their high touch event and handshake session!

This week,  for the release of their 3rd single “Dear My Friend”, which is the ending theme of Tokyo TV anime “Arashi no yoru ni~Himitsu no tomodachi”, on July 25th, U-KISS a seven member Korean artist group did a commemorative event on July 21st at Lazona in Kawasaki.


At the venue, from early in the morning, around 8000 people gathered fans included, at 4PM, when the event started, a very loud cheer from the audience arose. During the event, they first held a question corner, then they enthusiastically sang 2 songs : “Dear My Friend” and they did an intense performance filled with all U-KISS’s charms of their 2nd second single “Forbidden Love”. At the end of the event, there were around 6500 people who attended the high touch event, the fans could make summer memories with U-KISS members again.

After the event, Leader Soohyun replied to a journalist’s question, while wiping his sweat he said with a smile full of satisfaction on his face : “Even with this bad weather, to see that that many fans fans gathered here for us makes me feel really moved. Our concept as U-KISS is to always be together and close to all our fans. This time too, being able to participate in such a project makes us really happy. Next week, we will perform in Sapporo, Niigata and then we will hold 2 days live in NHK Hall in Tokyo, I’m looking forward to meeting you all again. As always thank you very much.”

Now, U-KISS is holding a 10 city/17 performance national tour “U-KISS 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012「A Shared Dream」~Special Edition~” from the North, Hokkaido, to the South, Nagasaki.After their nationaltour, their projects are :  8/04 Sapporo,8/09 a-nation@ Yoyogi, 8/19 Yamanashi, 8/26 a-nation@ Ajinomoto Stadium, then at the end of summer, 9/05 is U-KISS one-man live 「U-KISS LIVE IN BUDOKAN」.

And, also on 9/05 is the release of 4th single “One Of You”.  This summer, U-KISS is blowing on all the country.



Source:  Asian-hana.com news Translation by: kame-jun @ tumblr via misakw @ wordpress


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