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[TRANS] 120716 ukisskorea,Kevin and UKISS_Japan’s tweets

지난주 일본라디오 생방송 출연모습!오픈스튜디오로 스튜디오앞에 키스미분들이 많이 모였다고 해요!인기만점 유키스!^^pic.twitter.com/MGj8Bbuv

[TRANS] From last week’s Japan radio broadcast!Lots of kissmes were in front of the open studio!Popular U-KISS!^^pic.twitter.com/82I6lPwQ

라디오 DJ님과 함께!일본거주 키스미여러분~유키스 라디오 재미있게 들으셨나용?^^ pic.twitter.com/TCIY5AwO

[TRANS]  With the radio DJ!Kissmes of Japan~Did you hear U-KISS’s radio well?^^ pic.twitter.com/3IaCsLtg

AJもすごくおいしく食べました!kkkkk 정말 열정적으로 먹는 우리 AJ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ 참잘먹는다^^ pic.twitter.com/TKmTip8d

 [TRANS] AJ ate with a very big appetite too! kkkkkpic.twitter.com/f5r8cpAt

U-KISSは、ファンの皆さんと、スタッフの皆さんに支えられています(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) ステージ建て込み、バラしご苦労さまです! 福岡でもよろしくお願いしますᵋ₍⚬ɷ⚬₎ᵌ なにげに、今日初のメンバー写真(;゜0゜) 控えめなケビン! pic.twitter.com/JG6IXT3a

[TRANS] U-KISS is, supported by all the fans and, by all the staff (꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) Thank you very much for assembling and disassembling the stage set! We’ll be counting on you in Fukuoka as well ᵋ₍⚬ɷ⚬₎ᵌ Unexpectedly, today’s first member photo(;゜0゜)A low-key Kevin! http://t.co/JG6IXT3a


Cr:  @ukisskorea_eng  +  @UKISS_JapanENG +  misakw @ wordpress


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