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[FAN-ACCOUNT] 120707 U-KISS Hiroshima concert

[Source: maeko1789 @ tumblr Translation by:  hmcity @ tumblr  via: misakw @ wordpress]

Translation may not be 100% accurate.

14:35 Start
Soohyun → Kiseop → Eli → AJ → Hoon → Kevin → Dongho photos are shown one by one
*Tick Tack
*First Greeting

Soohyun: How is everyone? How is everyone in the back?
Eli: Yes, everyone! I’m Eli.
Kevin: I’m Kevin. Let’s have fun together to the end.
Soohyun: I’m U-KISS’ leader Soohyun. I hope everyone’s doing well. Let’s have fun until the end.
Dongho: Let’s have a lot of fun until the end!
Kiseop: Thank you for gathering here!
AJ: I am U-KISS….?
Audience: AJ!
AJ: Let’s have fun today!
Hoon: Let’s have fun until the end!

*Bingeul Bingeul -Japanese ver.-
Kiseop → throwing kisses to the audience at the end
*Everyday -Japanese ver.-
*Second Greeting

Soohyun: We’re hot right now. Is it okay if we drink water?
Kiseop: Is it okay to drink water?
Soohyun: We’ll do one more greeting. Please give us a lot of response.
All: Hello! We are U-KISS!
Soohyun: Everyone, how are you?
Audience: Good~!
Kevin: I can’t hear you. How are you?
Audience: GOOD~!
Soohyun: How is the 2nd floor?
2nd Floor: GOOD-!!
Kevin: I’m nervous since it’s the first day of the tour. I wanted to meet you all. We came to Hiroshima yesterday. It was raining and there was a thunderstorm so I was worried, but I’m glad the weather is nice today.
Soohyun:  Kevin cried at the hotel. (sound of thunder) “I’m scared, Soohyun oniichan~” he said.
Kevin: It was a little scary. But because of everyone, I was okay.
Hoon: Even when we had activities in Korea everyone was always in our hearts. I’m so happy to see everyone.
Kevin: We’ll have a blast until the end, are you ready?

*Show Me Your Smile
Kiseop → Soohyun makes a gesture to hug and kiss
Eli → Soohyun shoves him away
AJ → before rapping he puts his fingers to his cheeks
Kevin・AJ → at the end of the song makes a gesture like pulling a bow towards each other
AJ・Kiseop → makes a gesture like pulling a bow towards each other

Fire comes out (during the performance)

Soohyun → comes out while singing Eeny,Meeny,Miny,Moe
Soohyun: It’s difficult, this song.

AJ: I practiced a lot for the fans.
Soohyun: Everyone has forgotten Orion.
Kevin: Does everyone like Orion?
Audience: We love it~!
Eli: I like it too.
Soohyun: Eli has the coolest part in Eeny,Meeny,Miny,Moe.
AJ: I was nervous before, but now I’m confident. (During the previous Zepp tour he was nervous, but now has confidence)
AJ → sings Eeny,Meeny,Miny,Moe
Soohyun: Everyone please do not cheat.
Hoon: Who’s cheating? Everyone, we’re U-KISS.
Dongho: Who saw U-KISS for the first time?
Audience: Yeees~
Eli: Don’t lie, lying is bad.
Soohyun: I have a question for the people who just raised their hands. Do you want to become U-KISS’ family from today?
Audience: Yeees~
Kiseop: Did you come to the event yesterday?
Audience: Yes~
Hoon: (towards the audience) I saw you yesterday. I remember.
Soohyun: What’s the name of that person over there? (points to a person in the audience)
Hoon: ………Sachiko.
Audience: (laughs)
Hoon: It’s summer recently, have you been to the ocean?
Audience: Yes~!
Hoon: I want to go together, but I don’t have the right clothes. I want to go naked with everyone.
Soohyun: From now on Hoon is responsible for being the pervert.
Hoon: Soohyun teaches me these things every day. (Soohyun teaches him pervertedness every day)
Kevin: Today is Tanaba? It’s Tanabata.
Monitor → projects people in the audience wearing yukata.
Soohyun: Yukata is part of Japanese culture.
Kevin: I love Japanese culture.
AJ: Does everyone love me?
Audience: We love you~!
AJ: Thank you.
Eli: Do you like me?
Soohyun: Cute. I want to see it once more.
Eli: Everyone~! Bbuing bbuing, moe moe, chu!
AJ: I want to see Soohyun’s charms.
Soohyun: Everyone, do you honestly want to see that?
Audience: We want to see!
Hoon: U-KISS wants to see!
Soohyun: Everyone~, moe moe! (embarrassed) Please don’t cheat.
AJ: It’s alright. It was cute.
Soohyun: Kevin.
Kevin: Do you want moe moe?
Kevin: Moe moe~ (feels incomplete) I’ll do it again in the second part (of the concert).
Soohyun: The next song is U-KISS’ romantic ballad!

*0330-Japanese ver.-
*Believe(A Shared Dream)
*Believe(The Special To Kiss Me)

Hoon: How was it?
Soohyun: DORADORA… and then Believe. DORADORA is good too, but I think Believe is cool.
Hoon: Who made the song?
Audience: AJ!
AJ: I’ll do my best even more. I worked on Believe in Korea for Kiss Me. I wanted to convey my message in the song to Kiss Me. I’ll do my best even more as a composer.
Kevin: Our first DORADORA stage was in Japan. We sang it at Saitama Super Arena for M!Countdown. Did you come to MCountdown?
Audience: Yes~
Kevin: Is DoraDora sexy?
Audience: Yes~
Kevin: Who’s the sexiest?
Audience: Kevin, Kiseop!
Soohyun: Kevin’s money is not tasty.
?: tummy! (translator note: Soohyun said okane = money, instead of onaka = tummy)
Soohyun: Sorry everyone. My Japanese became poor. Kiseop, please show everyone.
AJ: Please show your chocolate abs.
Kiseop → does DORADORA dance
Kevin → does DORADORA dance
Kiseop: Soohyun! Soohyun!
Soohyun: I’ll do the DORADORA dance, but I can’t show my tummy (clothing won’t lift up?)
Soohyun: Dongho was the MC on the day of M!Countdown.
Dongho: Did you see? Was my Japanese good? I’m the Japanese teacher of U-KISS.

*Man Man Ha Ni -Japanese ver.-
*Shut Up!! -Japanese ver.-
*Forbidden Love
Fire comes out
15:56 End of this section
*Dear My friend

Soohyun: Thank you for the encore. Was Dear My Friend good?
Kevin: It was the ending theme for Arashi no Yoru ni.
Soohyun: Everyone, there’s 2 big announcements. The first one is…
Monitor → Budokan performance decision
Soohyun: The Budokan performance was decided thanks to the fans.
Kevin: Will you come?
Audience: We’ll go~!
Kevin: I can’t hear you.
Audience: WE’LL GO~!
Soohyun: I can’t hear the 2nd floor.
2nd floor: We’ll go~!!
Soohyun: There’s one more.
Monitor → One of You release date
Dongho: What day in September? 5? 6? I’m sorry. I’m a teacher. (Your Japanese is strange for a Japanese teacher) The release was determined. This is also thanks to our fans.
Soohyun: Do you want to hear it?
Kevin: Do you care?
Soohyun: Sorry, we can’t. That was a bad response.
Kevin: I want to see everyone do moe moe.
Audience: Moe moe~!
Soohyun: That’s not enough.
Audience: MOE MOE~!!
Soohyun: But only a little. U-KISS, please prepare.
All → sings One of You
Soohyun: Everyone, it’s a good song. Please expect a lot. The next song is Kiss Me Forever. You can dance along with us for this song. It requres a teacher. Today’s teacher is …. Kiseop.
Kiseop: I am teacher Kiseop. Does everyone have their towel? Everyone please sing.
All: sings along
Kiseop → dances
Soohyun: Yes, everyone please concentrate. More brightly (it’s better to dance brightly).
All: sings
Kiseop → dances
Soohyun: Yes, everyone let’s go now!
*Kiss Me Forever -一生Japanese ver.-
Kiseop・Soohyun → stand on either side of Kevin and kiss him
Kevin: (everyone’s dancing) Very good!

*Final Greeting

Dongho: Today is the first day of the tour, but it’s a bigger venue than the last tour, so thank you to the fans for coming. I want to show our growing appearance to Kiss Me. I want to work hard together with you until we’re able to go to Tokyo Dome.
AJ: Everyone, this is AJ. Thank you for today. We’ve all seen your faces. Everyone in the back, everyone on the second floor, we won’t forget you. Please don’t worry. U-KISS will absolutely come back to Hiroshima, so please support us.
Eli: I’m Eli. Did you have fun today? It was as exciting as the last Zepp tour. Thank you. We work hard for the fans smiling faces, so please support us from now on.
Kiseop: I’m number 1 in everyone’s heart, Kiseop. (AJ → gets a bad feeling “oee~” and pretends to vomit) Now is our start in Japan. We’ll work even more hard to become number 1. I’ll do my best to show everyone a good appearance. I love you… I love you, I love you.
Hoon: I’m serious (the greeting is serious) Thank you for gathering today. I really appreciate it. We are always near you. So don’t cheat. We really sincerely love you. I’ll always protect you.
Kevin: I’m moe moe love Kevin! Thank you for your energy until the end. It was fun. Because we want to have more fun with you, please support us. We’ll come to Hiroshima again. I love you.
Soohyun: This is U-KISS’ leader, Soohyun. I really enjoyed today. Your dance was good. (Dance from the audience was good for Kiss Me Forever) We are still only a little popular in Japan… We want to be number 1, so please support us. Without the fans, there is no U-KISS. We’ll sing for you. I really love you. I will do my best to meet the expectations of everyone. I love you all.

*A Shared Dream
16:38 End

Source: maeko1789 @ tumblr Translation by:  hmcity @ tumblr  via: misakw @ wordpress

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