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[TRANS] 120705 ukisskorea’s tweets

키스미여러분 즐거운 점심하셨나요?오늘부터 여름의 관문 장마시작!눅눅한 날씨지만 기분만은 상쾌하게 보내보아요! +열심히 일하는 자의 아름다운(?) 뒷모습!ㅎㅎㅎ일본콘서트투어 많이 응원해주세요!pic.twitter.com/FOA7jUp3

[TRANS] Did KISSmes have a good lunch today? The rainy season of summer will be starting today! Though the weather’s damp, it can be refreshing! Guess who’s hard at work? Please support us for our Japan concert tour! http://pic.twitter.com/FOA7jUp3

일본에 무사히 도착한 멤버들은 콘서트연습을 열심히~하고 있다는 소식이 왔네요^^pic.twitter.com/u8sU9Cpk

[TRANS] Safely arrived in Japan! We’re working hard for the Japan concert tour^^


Cr :   @UKISS_intl  + misakw @ wordpress


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