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How Did U-KISS Make Actress Bang Eun Hee Cry on ‘Strong Heart’?

U-KISS has brought tears to actress Bang Eun Hee’s eyes.

In the recent recording for SBS’ Strong Heart actress Bang Eun Hee revealed her doting affection for the group.

During the recording, Bang Eun Hee shared her affection for U-KISS saying, “The U-KISS [members] are shedding blood and tears while not eating and sleeping while giving their all. However, even until now they have never achieved first place [on a music show] which makes me so heartbroken,” as the actress then began to tear up.

The reason for her strong affection for the group you ask?

Bang Eun Hee married U-KISS’ agency’s CEO in September of 2010. Since then the U-KISS group has become like sons to her and she then took the time on Strong Heart to show her affection for the group.

The full episode and story will air on the July 3 episode of the variety talk show.


Source: enewsworld | via fuckyeahukiss @ tumblr + misakw @ wordpress


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