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[TRANS] 120628 Hoon and bbowoo’s tweets

이제 모닝스캐줄 끝내구 여수로~!!! 그 찰나에 즉석 츄~!! 약속 썩쎄스~!! ㅎㅎpic.twitter.com/CFgciyBc

 [TRANS] Now after morning schedule end to Yeosu~!!! At the very moment chu~!! Promise sucess~!! ㅎㅎpic.twitter.com/CFgciyBc

DoraDora 촬영날 대세 여훈민선생 (@HooN91y ) 을 열심히 촬영중인 나, 그리고 몇시간 후 생일을 맞이하실 포토그래퍼 신동호실장 ( @Dongho94 )pic.twitter.com/DjJ36lFE

[TRANS]  DoraDora photoshoot day trendy teacher Yeo Hoonmin ( @HooN91y ) and me working hard photographing him, and photographer Shin Dongho who’s birthday just came a few hours ago (@Dongho94 ) pic.twitter.com/DjJ36lFE


Cr: @ukisskorea_eng    | via misakw @ wordpress


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