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[TRANS] 120626 Kevin and UKISS_Japan’s tweets

율무야! 형만 믿어~ ㅎ 손! 아이구 이뻐라^^ It’s Yulmoo! Good boy~~ 手! 優しい~~^^ かわいいね! http://twitpic.com/a0m56d

[TRANS] Hey Yulmoo! Trust hyung only~ ㅎ Hand! Aigoo pretty^^ It’s Yulmoo! Good boy~~ Hand! Nice~~^^ How cute!http://twitpic.com/a0m56d

1番乗りはドンホでした〜 ここからドンホがカメラ目線に顔を上げた写真は、FCブログでチェック!!! 着いて早々よじ登る “@s_kanachan93@UKISS_Japan 今日の1番乗りは誰ですか??♥♥”pic.twitter.com/hZx6lD6M

[TRANS] The first to arrive was Dongho~ To see the picture of when Dongho raised his face for the camera, check the FC blog!!! I’ll scramble on over there quickly “@/s_kanachan93” @UKISS_Japan Who arrived first today??♥♥” http://t.co/hZx6lD6M

This is it from Kiseop !!!!! sooooo cute !! キャャャャャー 見ないでぇぇぇーー やっぱりみて(^_^)☆

[TRANS] Kyaaaaaa don’t looooook actually, look(^_^)☆

U-KISSケビンさんが、体操を始めました〜 ドンホさんは、引き続きまだのようです(ーー;) http://pic.twitter.com/1nAs9CnF

[TRANS] U-KISS Kevin, has started physical exercises~ Dongho, is still continuing like that for a long time(ーー;)http://pic.twitter.com/ls8ENHzJ

今からお見せする写真は、200年は先を行く、超最先端”hands free phone”の誕生の瞬間です! 直視はまずいので、お使いの端末を5m先に置いて、ゆっくり近づきながら、目を細めながらご覧ください(;゜0゜)pic.twitter.com/dY7qZGYT

[TRANS] In the photo that I’m going to show you now, we’re going 200 years into the future, to the moment when the super ultra-fine “hands free phone” is created! It’s bad if you look straight at this so, place yourself 5 meters away from the computer screen you’re using, while you’re slowly getting closer, please look at it while squinting your eyes (;゜0゜) http://pic.twitter.com/dY7qZGYT


Cr: @UKISS_JapanENG + @ukisskorea_eng  | via misakw @ wordpress


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