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[TRANS] 120623 ukisskorea and Kevin’s tweets

여러분을 만나러 갑니다! MBC음악중심 본방사수!!!

[TRANS] On the way to meeting KISSmes! Have you already watches MBC Music Core? ^^


음중본방사수하신분!이제 내일 인기가요만 남았어요!아쉽다..ㅠㅠ내일 키스미여러분 많이 만날 수 있음 좋겠어요!그런 의미에서 하트뿅뿅 케빈&훈을 선물로 드려용♥♥내일만나요~~:)

 [TRANS] We’re only left with Inkigayo tomorrow! Sigh..ㅠㅠ It’d be great if we could meet with lots of KISSmes tomorrow! Kevin and Hoon sends their love through this heart photo♥♥ See you tomorrow~~:)http://t.co/rxiiO0QC

인기가요 “Believe” 엔딩포즈를 절찬 모집중인 기섭>_< 공식카페 프롬게시판에 남긴 기섭이의 공지를 확인해보아용♥여러분들의 참신한 아이디어를 기다리고 있습니다*_*

 [TRANS] Kiseop’s Inkigayo “Believe” ending pose>_< Check his messages on the official fancafe♥ Waiting for everyone’s ideas *_*

저희 대기실에 백지영 누나의 강아지가 깜짝 방문했다! 정말 인형 같지않아요? 또 놀러와!^^ BaekJiYoung nuna’s puppy is too cute!かわいいすぎる!キャー どうしてそんなにカワイイですか? http://twitpic.com/9zfrsc 

 [TRANS]  Baek Jiyoung nuna’s dog visited our waiting room! Really like a doll right? Come over again!^^ BaekJiYoung nuna’s puppy is too cute!Too cute! Kya~ Why are you so cute?


Cr : @UKISS_intl  + @ukisskorea_eng + @UKISS_JapanENG   | via  misakw @ wordpress


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