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[TRANS] 120615 Dongho and UKISS_Japan’s tweets

지영엄니 딸아가 수리수리마수리 수리!ㅋㅋhttp://pic.twitter.com/ZfO47ORI

[TRANS]  Ji young mom’s daughter child abracadabra(magic words)!ㅋㅋ http://pic.twitter.com/uSItd68h

수리는 간식도 잘먹어요ㅋㅋ http://pic.twitter.com/fPPCwUBV

[TRANS] Suri eats snacks well tooㅋㅋhttp://pic.twitter.com/w09Y2Zu4

みなさーんU-KISSドンホですよーー 「お昼は何食べますか~~ 僕はから揚げ食べてます!!」 から揚げパワーでレコーディング ガンバ!!(死語) http://pic.twitter.com/6MpSFwmk

[TRANS] Everyoone it’s U-KISS Donghooo “What are you eating for lunch~~ I’m eating karaage (deep fried chicken)!!” Do your best during the recording with your karaage power!!


Cr: @ukisskorea_eng + @UKISS_JapanENG | via misakw @ wordpress


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