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U-Kiss’ AJ proves, “You only need two and a half years to enter Columbia University”

U-Kiss’ member AJ is revealed to be a genius.

In the episode of KBS 2’s quiz show 1 vs 100 that aired on June 12, all members of U-Kiss got eliminated on the fourth level. Han Suk Joon, the host of the show, said, “AJ, I heard that you have a smart brain.”

AJ is currently enrolled to Columbia University in the U.S. When Han asked, “When did you study?” AJ replied, “Before I debuted with U-Kiss, I had two and a half years for myself. So I used those years wisely and entered the university.”

On hearing this, Han said, “People study a lot to enter that school, but you’ve only spent a short amount of time. You must be genius.” When AJ said that the questions for the quiz were hard, he joked, “But they must be easier than entering Columbia University,” and inspired laughter.

Source: TV Report + en.korea.com | via fuckyeahukiss @ tumblr + misakw @ wordpress



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