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[TRANS] 120612 UKISS_Japan and Kiseop’s tweets

んーーーん。。。 まだまだ自分撮りの修行が足りないようです。。。ドンホさん。 U-KISSの自分撮り専門学校校長キソプ先生の門戸をたたきましょう! 今!その手で!!pic.twitter.com/SZDrysVU

[TRANS] Hmmmm… Seems like your selca knowledge is still not good enough… Dongho. You should go knock on the door of U-KISS’ very own Selca Academy principal, teacher Kiseop! Now! With those hands!! http://t.co/SZDrysVU

ご自分がこのクッションになったことを想像しないでください!! ちなみに、私の母親は想像する可能性があるので、先ほど事前に注意しておきました。あとちなみに、私の母親は、私が幼少の頃、大仏のような細かいパーマをかけてました。love フン!pic.twitter.com/dVOT384U

[TRANS] Please don’t imagine that you are this cushion!! By the way, it’s possible that my mother will imagine that so, I took precautions some time ago. Also, by the way again, my mother, during my childhood, had a small perm kind of like Daibutsu. love Hoon! http://t.co/dVOT384U

오늘 스케줄 끝^^나 아프다고….매니저형이 어부바 해줬어요^^ㅋㅋ한….17년만에 어부바 하는거 같당^^ㅎㅎ근데 어부바 맞나..?ㅋ우리 매니저형은 어부바해주는 남자…이런 남자란…..몇 없다..http://twitpic.com/9vnhzd

[TRANS] Schedule ended today^^Since I’m sick….Manager hyung gave me a piggy back ride^^ㅋㅋSince….I think 17 years i’m getting a piggy back ride^^ㅎㅎBut is piggy back ride right..?ㅋOur manager hyung is a person who does piggy back rides…This kind of man…..there’s not a lot..http://twitpic.com/9vnhzd

Cr: @UKISS_JapanENG + @ukisskorea_eng  | via misakw @ wordpress


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