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[TRANS] 120602 ukisskorea’s tweets

오늘의 첫 타자는?! 요리봐도 잘생겼고 조리봐도 잘생겼고 어떻게봐도 잘생긴 금발미남 일라이! XD♥ U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] ELI pic.twitter.com/3EyagYbx

[TRANS] Today’s first photo is?! Looking good even when cooking, our blonde Eli! XD♥ U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] ELIhttp://pic.twitter.com/T71ip8K4

불_금을 장식해줄 우리의 이제는 완전 남자다잉 막내 동호의 사진을 공개합니다! U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] DongHopic.twitter.com/wttMQ4Nv

[TRANS] Now completely a gentleman, our youngest Dongho! U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] DongHo http://pic.twitter.com/A8EsBZXh


미공개 사진의 업데이트 마지막 날!! 여러분들이 애타게 기다리셨던 멤버! 기섭입니다~♡ 잘생겼다ㅠ_ㅜ!!! ! U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] KISEOPpic.twitter.com/8DHcDndJ

[TRANS] The last day of uploading photos! The one you’ve all be anxiously waiting for! It’s Kiseop~♡ So handsomeㅠ_ㅜ!!! ! U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] KISEOP http://pic.twitter.com/8DHcDndJ


Cr:@UKISS_intl  | via misakw @ wordrpess



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