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[TRANS] 120531 ukisskorea,Kiseop and UKISS_Japan’s tweets

키스미 많이 기다리셨나요?! 오늘은 유키스의 만능재주꾼 AJ의 사진 공개로 시작합니다! U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] AJ!pic.twitter.com/e0OHmnAJ

[TRANS] Have KISSmes waited for long?! Today is the release of multi-talented AJ’s photo! U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] AJ!http://pic.twitter.com/H23kQdUK

드디어..!공개합니다~! 유키스의 맏형이자 리더! 수현~♥ 선글라스 껴도 잘생겼다! U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] SOOHYUNpic.twitter.com/Es20QWWt

[TRANS] To add on, here is our respected leader! Soohyun~♥ Looking great with shades! U-KISS [THE SPECIAL TO KISSME] SOOHYUN pic.twitter.com/Es20QWWt

슬쩍~~~~!! 사진투척!!ㅎㅎ http://twitpic.com/9r7wkg

[TRANS] Nudge~~~~!! Picture upload!!ㅎㅎhttp://twitpic.com/9r7wkg

フン?フーーーン!フーーーーーーーーーーーン!!!寝るなぁーーーーー!!寝てない?寝てるだろぉーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー!寝てなかったらピースサインしてみて! http://pic.twitter.com/dwtJXjaG

[TRANS] Hoon? Hooooon! Hoooooooooooon!!! Don’t sleeeeeep!! You’re not sleeping? You are sleepiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! If you weren’t sleeping, then do a peace sign!  http://pic.twitter.com/dwtJXjaG


[TRANS] Everyone, before going to sleep, let’s say “Good night” to the 7 members of U-KISS, then sleep zzz. By the way, they took a picture with their seniors, Norazo! Their seniors have some great presence… http://t.co/BIyRHpGo

Cr: @UKISS_intl  + @ukisskorea_eng  | via misakw @ wordpress


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