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[TRANS] 120529 UKISS_Japan’s tweet

「私はその昔、これくらい唇が腫れ上がってましたが、今は主治医のお陰で、すっかり元に戻りました!」という、病院の広告用写真ではありません! 2012年度best of 天使 in 北半球 中間発表1位 U-KISSキソプのマブピ! pic.twitter.com/lWrIg1tL

[TRANS] “A long time ago, my lips were swollen to about this size, but thanks to my family doctor, I’ve gone back to normal now!”, but, this picture isn’t an advertisement for a hospital! Best of Angel in the northern hemisphere for 2012, during the midyear it was announced he ranked 1st place, U-KISS Kiseop’s qtpic! http://t.co/lWrIg1tL(* qtpic = cute picture, the staff used an old slang word with a weird abbreviation.

Cr:  @UKISS_JapanENG  | via misakw @ wordpress

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