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[TRANS] 120528 Kevin and UKISS_Japan’s tweets

Always remember to laugh! Everyone has a beautiful smile^^ 많이 많이 웃으세요~ 건강에 최고! ㅎㅎ いつも笑ってください!あなたの笑顔が世界で一番 美しいです!^^ 大好き~ http://twitpic.com/9q5i89

[TRANS ] Always smile! Your smile is the most beautiful in the whole world! ^^ I love you~  http://twitpic.com/9q5i89

こちらのU-KISSドンホさんの写真は、本当にマブい(死語)ので、今はやりの金環日食グラスを必ずかけて、お楽しみください。金環日食グラスを減価償却するなら今しかニャイ! pic.twitter.com/zaFhLmUi

[TRANS] In this photo, U-KISS’ Dongho is really a cutiepie (“mabui” – obsolete word) so, make sure you put on those popular annular solar eclipse glasses, and enjoy. If you have no value for those glasses, then the time to use it is now! http://t.co/zaFhLmUi

このU-KISSイライもホントにマブいので、見た瞬間声を上げないでください!声を上げてしまった人は、バブル期にやってた「クイズ ドレミファドン」で不正解だった人がしてた、×マークがついたマスクをつけて、1回休みです。pic.twitter.com/BxAuVUaX
[TRANS] U-KISS Eli is very much of a cutiepie too so, please don’t raise your voice when you see this! To those who raise their voices, we’ll do as they did in the “Bubble Era” on the show “Quiz Doremifadon”, when the person got the wrong answer, they have to wear an × mark mask and have to take a rest from playing once. http://t.co/BxAuVUaX
(* Bubble Era: Around 1985~1991, when Japan had a great boom of prosperity)

最近のスヒョン兄貴はかわいいです!もえもえ! pic.twitter.com/TVBeXSOo

 [TRANS]  Lately, Soohyun hyung is cute! Moe moe! pic.twitter.com/TVBeXSOo
各々皆さんのお気に入りU-KISSメンバーの安否を気遣うコメントが後を絶たないので、各自こちらの写真でご確認ください!マレーシアでのひとコマ。うどん屋の出前表を7人で見ているわけではありません。。。 pic.twitter.com/g1nJLe1D
[TRANS]  Since we receive never ending comments about your worry for each of your favourite U-KISS’ members well-being, you can validate that for all of them in this picture! A shot from Malaysia. The 7 of them are definitely not looking at an udon shop’s delivery menu on the table… http://t.co/g1nJLe1D
Cr: @UKISS_JapanENG  | via misakw @ wordpress

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