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[TRANS] 120525 UKISS_Japan’s tweets

驚愕(きょうがく)!! U-KISSから写真を撮った写真が届き、戸惑いを隠せません!! 皆さんも戸惑ったら隠さないでください!pic.twitter.com/POZ3aJzj

[TRANS] Shock!! We received a picture that U-KISS took themselves, I won’t hide that I’m perplexed!! If you’re all perplexed too, don’t even hide it! http://t.co/POZ3aJzj

なるほど。。。皆さんありがとうございます!そんな、1そぷさんから、写真が届きました!コロンビアから皆さんに愛を注いでます!!「ブラジルの皆さん、聞こえますかぁーーーー」聞こえそうな距離感。。。 pic.twitter.com/Rt1Gmmmh

[TRANS] I understand… Thank you everyone! So, from that 1SEOP, we received a photo! He’s filled with love from the Colombians!! “Brazilians, can you hear meeeee”, the sense of distance that we probably can hear… http://t.co/Rt1Gmmmh


[TRANS] And so, of course, let’s be all told something by U-KISS’ leader. From Soohyun, before the radio recording, “I love you all~ I can’t wait until the tour!! Please don’t cheat on u~s” http://t.co/mE0OPuT8
Cr: @UKISS_JapanENG  | via misakw @ wodpress

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