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[TRANS] 120522 U-KISS on スターの小部屋 (Mini Room of the Stars) Interview

Video here – > 

(translation by: @UKISS_JapanENG)
Soohyun: Hello to all the viewers of CHO☆KAON! We’re U-KISS! I’ve missed you~

[May 2012
U-KISS came back with their 6th mini album]

[The title track “DORADORA”
stands out with it’s sexy dance and sound]

☆ Question: What kind of song is the new “DORADORA” like?

Hoon: Up until now, I think that we’ve only been showing our “cool” image, but this time, there’s a lot of our “sexy” image so, please keep your eyes on our sexy image~ I also plan to lure everyone in with it!

☆ Question: What became the highlight of “DORADORA”‘s choreography?

Soohyun: The guys at the back will show you what our dance highlight is.

[♪DORADORA get out
Turn around and get out]

☆ Question: Is it true that songs AJ wrote recorded on the album?

Soohyun: It’s a song that you wrote yourself.

AJ: The song called “AMAZING” is the 2nd song that I wrote. It was a joint production with the writer of Mighty Mouth’s “Tok Tok”, Donne-san (* don’t know the Korean spelling). It’s a really fun song, for example, you can play it while driving, it’s the type of fun song that gives you the feeling that you can travel to anywhere.

Soohyun: That’s right~

AJ: Everyone, please listen to it a lot~

[May 2012
This year, U-KISS is welcoming their 4th anniversary]

[Now, the members are like a family
that understand one another’s feelings just by looking at the other’s eyes]

☆ Question: Is it true that the members are well aware of each others feelings?

Kevin: ♪Just by looking at our eyes~

Soohyun: Now, we’re already… After living together in Japan, so it’s [our relationship] perfect. We understand everything. We know everything, even about the member’s families and their friends. Even if like a member has pain in the right rear side of their head…

Kevin: We’ve done activities together for a long time so, since we lived together in Japan while working, I think that it really helped us. Since we also know each other’s secrets, eat and take showers together, we even slept in the same bed, we really became like a family. Just by looking at each other’s eyes, we’ll understand what each other is thinking about.

Soohyun: Before, we were like a family too, but, now we’re a perfect family!

AJ: We get along too much to the point that it’s strange so we tried experimenting. Sometimes we’d say things like to try to meet my eyes with Hoon and see if he’d correctly guess what I was thinking of. Should we try it now?

Hoon: Shall we?

[AJ firing his piercing gaze!]

Hoon: Most likely he’s thinking that he’s sorry to me for yesterday, right(apologetic look)

AJ: Ooh! He got it right!

☆ Question: Let’s challenge the “looking game”(game where you have to count from 1~7 in turns)

Kevin: Means we have compromise together!

AJ & Soohyun: 1!

[Since they said “1” at the same time…

Soohyun: It should be okay if we all say “1” at the same time!

Hoon & Soohyun: 1!

Hoon: Didn’t you say it was okay if we all say it at the same time!

Kevin: Please give us a last chance!

[The nervousness is going around…]

[Success at last!!]

[U-KISS who are doing their best
since their debut]

[The 4 years that had good times as well as troublesome times]

☆ Question: What’s a moment from the past 4 years that made you feel happiness or pain?

Soohyun: It’s really fun when we do our singing activities and get to meet the fans. I’m happy about it even now. Just being able to stand on the stage within all the other artists in Korea is happiness. If it’s something that made us feel pain, there are many people who look at U-KISS from a [negative] biased point of view. They think that we’re a group with no real ability, or that our singing is created by sound programs, or that we’re a boring group, our hearts hurt a lot when we hear those types of things. Even if we try to not care about our bad reputation that’s on the internet, sometimes we see it, and even though we’re doing our best to show a good image, there’s people who can only see or think of us from that point of view, and it really hurts our feelings. It was painful.

Kevin: A bad reputation is something that comes along with being an idol group but, even during those times, we still put our heads up and put a lot of effort to show a better image, and our fans gave us even more support. Maybe we worked even harder because we had that pain in our hearts.

[Started broadcasting the 4 episodes
from April 2012]

[Dongho and Hoon that appeared in “Holyland”,
a stylish, hand-to-hand combat action drama]

☆ Question: You appeared in the action drama “Holyland?”

Hoon: The drama, “Holyland”, is a 4 episode stylish, hand-to-hand combat, action drama. For that, we did hard action training. I have experience in taekwondo, so I got used to it right away, but in Dongho’s case、he was a total beginner. But we managed to get through all of the action scenes. When we saw the broadcast, it was really cool.

Dongho: I’ve been doing a little acting since before but, it was the first time that I was to play to lead so I felt a bit of pressure. Giant posters with my face on it were pasted around the city. They were advertising a lot too so, I felt a bit of a responsibility, I thought that I have to do my best for the filming. When the first part aired the other day, the rating weren’t bad and there were a lot of good comments so, I want to have fun until the end and I’d like to see it [Holyland] myself.


[The members are writing
about things they have on their mind lately]

「And so,
what are U-KISS’ keywords?」

Dongho: My keywords are simple.

Soohyun: What is that~!?

Dongho: Lately, computer games are interesting to me, so when I go home, I play games until it’s a bit late.

Soohyun: That’s why you’re sleeping at the salon~~

Dongho: Doesn’t Soohyun sleep too! Of course, just like the members, I have stuff like, U-KISS, KISSme and new songs, but, the rank of those things is “0 place”, so games come after that. From 1st place to 3rd is games. Wanna play games together?

Eli: My BEST 3 keywords are, ta-da! (Number 1 is my car) I release my stress by going on a drive. 2nd place is diet, because when we’re in Japan, there’s a lot of delicious food, I end up overeating and gained weight. So, I plan to focus on dieting over there. And after, if I have time, I would love to go on a travel.

Kevin: I’m going to show Kevin’s BEST 3 keywords. First place is our fanclub, KISS me! I love all the fans! 2nd place is songs! I always listen to music because it puts me in a good mood. 3rd place is traveling.

Kiseop: Ta-da! My BEST 3, of course 1st place is KISS me. I like the number 1 better than 0 so, 1st place is KISS me. 2nd place is clothes, since I have interest in fashion. 3rd place is photos, because I love to take them. I also share photos with the fans through the internet. I have fun with the fans~

Soohyun: I’ll show U-KISS Soohyun’s BEST 3 keywords. Games, U-KISS, DORADORA. 1st place is games but what kind of game? It’s the game of connecting with KISS me on social networking sites and writing to each other.

Kevin: Isn’t that something different?

Soohyun: It’s a game that I decided on. Huh? What was that?

AJ: Isn’t this game?

Kevin: This game?

Soohyun: No it’s not~ I said that commenting on the fans’ posts is a game because it’s always fun. 2nd is of course U-KISS. 2rd place is the title song of our 6th mini album, “DORADORA”. Let’s try and get 1st place with it once~

AJ: U-KISS AJ’s BEST 3 keywords! 1, 2, 3, ta-da! 1st place is music and lyrics writing. 2nd place is studying. 3rd place is my height. 1st place’s music and lyrics writing, it’s my only way to get rid of stress, so I’m always working hard to write them. 2nd place is studying. Since before, I’ve been studying English a lot so my English ability has gotten better but I haven’t had chances to use it and I don’t have much time either, so all I can do is to keep studying. 3rd is my height. My mom always tells me that I’m short.

Soohyun: But within the group, you’re the tallest.

Kevin: So that’s why you’ve been drinking 1 pack of milk in the morning now.

Soohyun: Sorry to say this but, your growing time has already stopped!

AJ: No way!

Soohyun: Think about your age!

AJ: I heard that if boys eat well, their height can still grow.

Soohyun: No, it already stopped, a doctor I know said that.

AJ: My families heights are 180~190cm so.

Soohyun: Your sister is 178cm too.

AJ: Yep, withing my family, I’m the shortest. I’m going to eat like crazy to get taller, so please keep your eyes on me~

Hoon: U-KISS Hoon’s BEST 3 keywords! Summer package version! Ta-da! About 1st place’s “health”, my mom always tells me to take care of my health, and the fans are worried about our busy selves and think of our health first. 2nd place is exersize. Summer is getting closer, so I think that if you’re a guy you should work out and train your body. 3rd place is protein. At the same time as your work out, you should always take protein so that you can make manly muscles. I can say that I do all of this for the sake of the KISS mes. That’s because I want to show the body I trained to everyone.

AJ: I’m going to make an accurate comparison, he’s like Terminator。There’s a part where Terminator appears on screen half naked, right? Those muscles! They’re awesome right?

Hoon: When my heart will feel at ease, I’ll show them to you.

Soohyun: This was U-KISS’ BEST 3 keywords!

AJ: Game! Pyun pyun~

Soohyun: Twitter… Isn’t like that!

☆ Question: How do you feel after ending your nation-wide Japanese tour?

Soohyun: That was our first nation-wide tour in Japan, and I think that U-KISS grew a lot on the level of our abilities and with our connections to the fans. Also, since this was our first, the members’ and the fans’ cried. It would be a lie if we said that we didn’t have trouble while preparing for the tour. During the hard times, all of the members got together and did our best to encourage each other. We created a lot of memories during this tour, and it’s something with a deep meaning for us. Our first tour was great, so we feel that we got confidence to show you even better things. Additional performances were decided for July! We’ll show you once again, our cool image, sexy image, cute image and lots of others.

Soohyun: We’re going to participate in a South American festival in Colombia as the Asian representatives of K-POP singers in 2012. We’re really looking forward to it. It’s an honour to be able to stand in the same stage as Ricky Martin and Shakira and other famous singers. As the representatives of K-POP, we’re going to show an enthusiastic performance and set a good impression of K-POP!

Soohyun: U-KISS is came back with “DORADORA”, we plan to have activities in Korea for a while, and during that time too, we’ve also been receiving love calls from south-east Asian countries so we plan to go meet the fans there. At the same time as our additional tour during July in Japan, we’ll release a new album, so this year looks like it’ll be busy. We’re going to meet all of the fans so please give us a lot of support! I love you KISS me!

This was U-KISS!~

Cr: @UKISS_JapanENG | via misakw @ wordpress


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