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[NEWS] 120517 U-KISS to Pioneer into Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa

After being invited to a Colombian music festival, U-KISS was asked to perform in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and is officially becoming a pioneer for K-Pop overseas.

On May 12, U-KISS became the first Asian singers to participate in South America’s biggest music festival Evento 40 in Bogota, Colombia.

The festival, which was televised live by Karakol TV, South America′s biggest broadcasting company, as well as live on YouTube, was attended by approximately 50,000 people, and proved to be a new opportunity for hallyu to spread.


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The representatives of U-KISS’ company, NH Media told enews on May 17, “During its visit to Colombia, U-KISS completed interviews with 80 different press and its performance at this festival was shared by many broadcasting companies in Mexico, Brazil, and others. Not only were the media interested in U-KISS, but the audience members at the event even sang along to U-KISS’ hit song, Man Man Ha Ni, and gave U-KISS a lot of love.”

They added, “A representative of the press told us that Asian music has not yet reached the general public in South America, but with Korean broadcasts and access to Youtube, the opportunities to be exposed by K-Pop are expanding and U-KISS is standing in the middle of it.”

U-KISS has been praised in helping Hallyu spread as the members’ abilities to speak English, Japanese, and Chinese have helped close the gap between fans in terms of communication.

The company representative revealed, “With the start of the Colombia performance, we were asked to perform in Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa, so we are in the middle of adjusting our schedules right now. If hallyu has only been shown in Asia and Europe, the wind will now blow towards South American and Africa.”

Meanwhile, after completing its Colombian activities, U-KISS returned to Korea to prepare for its next album as well as promote DORADORA with special stages.

 Cr:  enewsworld + NH Media (photo) + rocketboxx.net + misakw @ wordpress

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