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[INTERVIEW] 120514 Japanese Fortune Teller Sees U-KISS as the Next Biggest Hallyu Stars

5-Year Old U-KISS ” A Japanese fortune teller foresees them as the next best hallyu stars… we’re happy.”
U-KISS has returned as “Sexy U-KISS.” It’s been 8 months since their comeback and they’re back to show their “sexy and charismatic” concept. They’ve showed great success with the concept in Japan, and they’re back, full of confidence to show in Korea.

What is the fantasy concept?

Following their sexy concept, they bring the song “DORADORA,” which comprises of body waves that reveal the sexy side of men. With this concept as a background, they mix individual member concepts in to create a wonderful combination. Soohyun is Wild & Mild, Kiseop is Fantasy, Eli is Romantic, AJ is Sexy Funky, Hoon is Sweetie, Kevin is Metrosexual, and Dongho is Joyful. How do their individual concepts come together to form a fantasy?  “It’s almost an emotional feeling. When we take photos or fall deep into the music on stage, we show our charismatic manly image” stated Kiseop.

Japanese fortune teller sees U-KISS as the greatest hallyu star.

Not long ago, a Japanese fortune teller believed to see idol group U-KISS become Japan’s best hallyu star. U-KISS stated “It felt really nice” (Hoon), “I felt the need to work harder” (Kevin) and shared happy emotions.

Before their national comeback, U-KISS toured 6 regions in Japan, with 11 concerts. They greeted over 30,000 Japanese fans. Happy with their experience, Kevin said “It was fun to have our first nationwide tour.  We had 11 concerts in 6 regions and met many fans along the way. We were surprised to receive as much love as we did. We released our first debut single in December, and within 4 months, we were able to have our nationwide tour. This was such an honour! Our skill improved as we toured. Our singing, dancing, and overall stage performance skills all improved. I think we’ve become closer to the stage.”

AJ also mentioned “It was tough because we had to sing 17 songs in one concert and that required a lot of effort, physically. We also needed to worry about our fans and what they would like. U-KISS is a 5-year old  group but I think we’re now starting to become closer with the stage. ”

5-Year Old U-KISS, Greed for Number 1

We carefully asked U-KISS regarding their lack of a Korean tour and the differences in their successes in Japan and Korea. To this, Hoon stated “If we did well in our country, Korea, than wouldn’t other foreign fans and Japanese fans love us more? With that idea, we want to show our best in Korea.”

If last year was girl group heaven, than this year is boy group year. Regarding the number of boy groups debuting, Dongho commented “we don’t like picking out a rival group.”

“There are a lot of new idols that are good on stage. Singing, dancing, and also acting. We agree that some idols are more skilled than we are in some areas. Rather than us being sunbaes, we like to see everyone on the same path of dreaming towards becoming a star. Because we believe that we can succeed if we try our hardest, we usually tend to not get jealous or rivaled against other groups.” (Dongho)

Working hard may be a necessary characteristic however, they have greed as well. “Of course we want to win number 1. Online and off, we want to win number 1, and we also want people to recognise and enjoy our performances. We wish people would recognise our returns and new songs and go to listen and enjoy them.” (Soohyun).

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