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[TRANS] 120512 Kiseop and Dongho’s tweets

콜롬비아 병아리!!!삐약삐약~~^^ 오늘 콜롬비아 팬미팅!! 뜨거운 응원 감사해요^^힛 이제 호텔도착!!!이제 자야지..!!하하 잘자여^^헤헤헤http://twitpic.com/9k183e

[TRANS] Colombia chick!!!Peep peep~~^^ Today’s Colombia fan meeting!! Thank you for the hot cheers^^Hee Now arrived at the hotel!!!Have to sleep now..!!Ha ha sleep well^^hehhehhehhttp://t.co/ZTMqEWFO

호텔도착! 역시 남미의 열정은 진짜 대단하다ㅎ 내일이 기대되는군뇽ㅎ 잘께요~뿅ㅎ http://pic.twitter.com/4GQn0fCH

[TRANS]  Arrived to hotel! Latin America really has great passionㅎ Anticipating tomorrowㅎ Gonna sleep~Bbyongㅎ

Cr: @ukisskorea_eng | via misakw @ wordpress


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