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U-Kiss’s International Fanclub Exceeds 300,000; Avex, “Popularity Similar to TVXQ”

U-Kiss has proven to be very popular overseas. U-Kiss opened their international fan club last year, which recently surpassed 300,000 fans.

Their Japanese management company, Avex Entertainment, said, “After promoting in Japan for one year and going on their Arena Tour, we’re expecting U-Kiss’s popularity to rise similarly to that of TVXQ’s.”

To prove U-Kiss’s popularity overseas, U-Kiss is the only Korean artist to have been invited in an upcoming festival to be held in Latin America on May 12th.

Several members of U-Kiss are fluent in both English and Chinese, making it easier for them to communicate with fans overseas. These skills will also help them in public relation purposes for overseas appearances.

With U-Kiss’s popularity overseas rising, it is possible that the group will soon become the new leaders of the Hallyu Boom and become Hallyu Stars.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss will be participating in South America’s largest music festival on May 12th called “EVENTO 40,” and will then return home to continue activities for their title track, “DORADORA.”

Source: TV Daily +  Koreaboo + fuckyeahukiss @ tumblr | via misakw @ wordpress


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